Doctor Dill was a mad scientist who by 1949 had apparently earned himself the distinction of being the Sub-Mariner's arch-nemesis, although the circumstances and previous clashed are as yet unrecorded.

In 1949, Doctor Dill sought to get revenge on the Sub-Mariner and continue his criminal career by developing a growing formula that would make the Sub-Mariner rapidly grow in size until he grew so big he would literally fall off the Earth. Finishing his formula, Dill then tracked down the Sub-Mariner under the false pretence of informing him of going straight.

To show that bygones were bygones, Dill purchased the Sub-Mariner a soft drink and then poured his growth formula into it. Even though he noticed this, Namor foolishly drank the beverage any way and found himself growing at a rapid rate. A growing menace, the city ordered Namor to leave the city to avoid causing damage.

As Namor attempted to deal with his sudden uncontrollable growth, Dr. Dill and his gang attempted to rob a gold shipment at sea. Forced out into the ocean, the Sub-Mariner caught Dr. Dill's boat and forced him to provide the antidote. Dill was then turned over to the authorities and last seen in jail.

His subsequent fate is currently unknown.


Dr. Dill developed a highly potent growth formula which caused an individual to grow rapidly in size with no apparent upper limit. He also had an antidote which restored individuals effected to their original size. The composition and mechanics of this formula are unknown,

Criminal scientist Professor Grimm[[1]] also created a growth formula.

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