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Victor von Doom (Earth-616), Valeria (Latverian) (Earth-616) and Doctor Doom's Mystical Armor from Fantastic Four Vol 3 67 0001

Doctor Doom used mystic armor obtained through a bargain with the Hazareth Three. The exact specifications of this armor are unknown. In order to obtain the armor, Doom, as part of the deal, had to sacrifice something that could never be replaced. He chose Valeria, the only woman he had ever loved in his past as a sacrifice. He appeared to her, magically killed her, and transformed her skin into the leather used in his armor.[1]

With this new power, Doom immobilized Doctor Strange, and subsequently neutralized the Fantastic Four's powers. He tortured the other three while taunting Reed. Leaving Reed in his magical library, he compared it to giving a dog a road-map, concluding that it would be impossible for Reed to master sufficient magical skill to be a threat to him.[2]

However, Reed was able to release Doctor Strange's astral self from Doom's traps, which allowed Strange to give Reed a sufficient crash-course in magic for Reed to free the rest of the team and trick Doom into angering his demonic benefactors, prompting them to take him to Hell.[3] The armor was apparently lost and hasn't been seen since.


While its exact specifications are unknown, the armor appears at the very least boosts Doom's magical powers to unknown levels, allowing to easily overpower Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, and overwhelm the Fantastic Four.[2]

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