Victor was a college classmate of Reed Richards, who was nearly killed in an accident when both he and Reed try to capture the power of a comet called Colossus, however, the experiment goes wrong, leaving Victor horribly scarred.[1]


  • Doom does not have any superpower. While he attempted to obtain the powers of the Fantastic Four using a machine, he failed at that.


  • He is a very intelligent research scientist and the political and military leader of his country.


  • Doctor Doom's Armor: Doom's armor is strong enough to withstand bullets from submachine guns without any hindrance to him - in fact the bullets bounce and may harm the shooters. However, the armor's use seems to be limited in short-range combat, as proved when Reed Richards repeatedly floored him using only punches.


  • Doom uses an automatic gun for ranged attack. His gauntlets have retractile claws that he intended to use in melee against Reed Richards, but he never had the chance to do so.
  • Portrayed by Joseph Culp.
  • In this reality, the character's full name is never specified, nor he claims to have a Ph.D.: He is simply called "Victor", no surname given, in the university; then, when masked, he claims to be "Doom" (not Doctor Doom); the end credits however list him as "Dr. Doom". Reed Richards, who knew Victor at university and probably knows his surname, does not relate the moniker Doom with his old friend's name.
  • While Earth-616's Doctor Doom is grim and famously lacking any sense of humor, Earth-94000's Doom is constantly ironic in his speeches and has a trademark maniacal laughter.

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