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Quote1 You want my future? Get me the Hell out of here! Quote2
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Mother Morgan Comes to Me"

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Synopsis for "Mother Morgan Comes to Me"

Kang helps Dr. Doom to escape custody. Doom then seeks refuge with Morgan Le Fay who comments on how desperate Doom must be since he told her "thank you." Meanwhile, Taskmaster has been hired as a sniper to assassinate Doom. While Le Fay and Doom question the precognitive known as The Witness, Taskmaster takes his shot and hits his mark. The issue ends with Doom's living condition being left ambiguous.

Solicit Synopsis

DOCTOR DOOM has been taken prisoner by the world itself... but he may find unexpected aid in his escape. Now vulnerable and without his usual strength, he must keep a low profile on the streets of New York, or else risk being captured again. He’ll seek out an old ‘frenemy’ for help and battle lethal opportunists, all while wrestling these visions he continues to have of a better, happier life.


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