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Quote1 When we began you said you'd deduced this future mathematically. But then you said I was God and that this future was not certain. I argued that there is no best possible world. That there are many outcomes. Which is what you wanted me to do. You played Devil's advocate. You wanted me to see infinite paths. You want me to reject this future. Quote2
Doctor Doom

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Synopsis for "All Possible Worlds"

Dimitri Fortunov, the legitimate heir to the Latverian throne, is located. Dr. Doom battles Taskmaster while Sivler Sable fights Victorious. After Doom defeats Taskmaster, he claims the latter's sword and shield as his own and confronts M.O.D.O.K. A Symkarian council discusses how Fortunov will have the covert backing of the U.S., E.U., and U.N. in his efforts to ascend to the throne. Meanwhile, earth's heroes may need Doom's help in order to save the planet.

Solicit Synopsis

As his homeland is invaded by foreign adversaries, DOCTOR DOOM continues to be hunted, and on his own. But his conviction strengthens as he further embraces a possible future where he becomes the savior of all humankind. In order to confront those who have set him up as a global criminal, Doom will fight his way through the doors of the spy organization A.I.M, where he’ll battle his would-be assassin TASKMASTER, and match wits with one of the biggest brains in the universe... M.O.D.O.K. Meanwhile, a forgotten and bereft hero of the past will suddenly rise on the geopolitical stage...

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