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Dr. Emmet was a psychiatrist and an adept of hypnosis. She worked at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital in Illinois during the time Marc Spector was committed there.[3] Spector's particular case and his subsequent adventures as Moon Knight caused Dr. Emmet to develop a fixation towards him.[1]

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Many years passed and, one time, Dr. Emmet was seen in an appointment with Norman Osborn.[4] After this, Dr. Emmet took a job at Ravencroft Asylum in Westchester County, where she treated a mysterious amnesiac Army soldier only known as Patient 86. Even though he had been discharged for manslaughter and pyromania, Patient 86 seemed to be a compassionate man. The similarities between Patient 86 and Spector's case prompted Dr. Emmet to introduce him to Egyptian mythology, specifically the god Amon Ra. After some time studying the history of Egypt's gods, Patient 86 suffered a breakdown and burst into flames, claiming to be Ra himself. Patient 86 burned down the entire asylum as he escaped. Dr. Emmet miraculously survived, albeit horribly burned and disfigured. While being treated by paramedics, she began to laugh maniacally as she proclaimed "I believe."[1]

She later appeared at Saint Palaemon Island, as one of the followers of Patient 86, who by then had become known as the Sun King. Following the Sun King's defeat at the hands of Moon Knight, Doctor Emmet proclaimed to believe in him instead.[2]


Possessing Dr. Emmet

Once, Khonshu sent Marc Spector and his allies to an illusory mental hospital designed to wear away the last of Marc's mind. In this illusion, Ammut possessed Dr. Emmet to help Khonshu with his plan.[5]

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