The powerful being[1] originally known as Dr. Feet lived in the AC Universe and claimed to control either all of it, or a turf on it.[2]

At one point, Dr. Feet found that Dr. Deranged from the Marble Universe had somehow entered the AC Universe and went to intercept him. Dr. Feet found Deranged kick-fighting the Fandom Stranger and Feet in turn kick-fought Deranged. Feet demanded an explanation for this apparent copyright violation and, when Deranged made a feet-based pun, Feet attacked him with his foot bolts and started chasing Deranged. Deranged was eventually caught, and other AC characters joined the frail including the Stranger, Dead, Man and the Spatula. Finally, AC's very powerful character Aunty Monitor appeared to reboot the universe because their stories had become too confusing - Feet appealed, because rebooting would make everything even more confusing, but the Aunty Monitor insisted: The AC Universe got rebooted, its characters lost interest in Dr. Deranged, and Dead, Man lent his walkman earpieces to Dr. Feet. Feet started talking about "the newest Just'a League of Americans" with Dead, Man, and left.[2]

Next thing we knew, Dr. Feet had joined the superhero team Just'a League, although he had changed his name to Dr. Face and it had changed its name to Just-a-League. League's enemy Jokester allied with Kranky, enemy to the Revengers, in a plot to make the Revengers fight the Just-a-League: Both superhero teams received anonymous tips suggesting that a supervillain team was hiding in a specific warehouse, and both teams went to investigate. The League entered from the north, they found the Revengers and they mistook the Revengers for villains - similarly, the Revengers mistook the League for villains. They started fighting and Dr. Face had to fight Dr. Droole one-on-one. The situation was comical because Dr. Face was among the most powerful beings in the universe while Droole was in the other extreme of the spectrum. This hero brawl continued when the Editors, initially aghast at the unauthorized cross-editor cross-over, discovered that it was very fruitful for the sales.[1]


Doctor Face (Earth-9047) 1

Wrath of Dr Feet

Doctor Face had great powers, far beyond many other characters - specially characters like Dr. Droole.[1] Face's powers, especially when he was known as Dr. Feet, included releasing powerful bolts from his feet.[2]


He could use his feet in combat, smashing the face of an opponent with them.[2]

This character is a parody of DC Comics' Doctor Fate

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