By his own accounts, Dr. Feerce is over 1000 years old, by the year 970 AD he was a scientist who worked in ancient Greece. One day while experimenting with Chroma gas there was a powerful explosion that Feerce survived. The resulting explosion endowed his body with what he referred to as "shock immunity". Over the convening years Feerce continued to expand his knowledge of science, surpassing conventional science in may ways.

By the year 1946 he was operating out of New York City, and developed many advanced technologies. Seeking to rule the world, he had came up with a formula to create an Electron-Bomb, a bomb that could detonate electrons, which he claimed would be more powerful than the atomic bomb. The formula required five rare materials found in specific locations which were coincidentally all owned by wealthy New Yorkers. Feerce managed to convince these men to will him these properties after their deaths. In order to expedite obtaining ownership, Feerce hired a gang and used his "Electro Chamber" to transform them into partially transparent ghouls and set them out to haunt the wealthy men and force them to commit suicide.

The suicides attracted the attention of the Sub-Mariner who interviewed the lawyers of the wealthy men and discovered that they had all willed seemingly worthless land to Feerce. Confronting Feerce, the scientist dismissed any accusations of being involved in the deaths and kicked the hero off his property. However, Namor followed Feerce's men to their next target and prevented the man from killing himself. Feerce's men fled, believing they had killed Namor with a poison dart, but the hero had survived.

Namor then attacked Feerce's lab again, but was knocked out and taken prisoner. Feerce explained his plot and was about to inject the Sub-Mariner with poison when the police and Betty Dean arrived, scaring him off. Feerce then fled to an abandoned lighthouse where he was building his electron bomb and was about to launch it when the Sub-Mariner arrived and took him prisoner. In court, Dr. Feerce was sentenced to death and was executed on the electric chair.[1]


Dr. Feerce claimed to have "shock immunity" after being caught in a Chroma gas explosion. This granted him long life making him over 1000 years old when he encountered the Sub-Mariner. However, given the fact that Feerce was killed in the electric chair, it can be presumed that the explosion only caused Feerce to age slowly if not stop his ageing completely.


Feerce was a brilliant inventor who among other things invented an "Electro Chamber" a device that could make people partially invisible, giving them a ghoulish appearance. The process was reversible through the device as well.


Feerce invented what an Electron Bomb, a bomb he claimed could detonate electrons and was supposedly more powerful than an atomic bomb. However, the device was never tested, and his claims are questionable at best.

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