Doctor Foster was a crooked doctor that operated in the 1940s. He worked along side dentist Dr. Robert Bell and his two medical colleagues, Dr. James Thomas and Dr. Platt. He was caught charging patients for his medical service at a free clinic and was stripped of his position by a council of his peers. Distraught, Foster opted for suicide over shame and attempted to jump out of a window. He survived the fall but was horribly disfigured. As he healed in the hospital, he grew to blame Bell, Thomas, and Platt for his current condition and vowed to eliminate them. Like many who chose the path of revenge in life, Dr. Foster would meet his end.

Upon his release, he began working with the mortician at Cliffside Mausoleum and began devising ways to use skulls and other bones as instruments for his revenge. He first rigged a skull that fired a poison dart from a gap between it's teeth. Through a false company called the E.R. Biological Supply Company, Foster first sent a skull to James Thomas. The death was ruled as an accident and caused of death a heart attack. When Thomas' body was brought to the mausoleum, the mortician preserved James' skull for Foster's use. The grisly former doctor then rigged it to fire two poison darts from its eye sockets and had it mailed to Dr. Bell through his false company. His undoing was in sending Bell a death threat in advance, prompting Bell to call his friend Thomas Halloway, aka the Angel. When Bell was killed, the Angel began investigating the murders and piecing things together.

Catching the Angel searching the supposed location of the E.R. Biological Supply Company, Foster himself attacked the hero when the Angel realized that no such company existed. Although Foster got the jump on the Angel, he was scared away by the police. As the Angel continued to investigate the case and make the connections between Foster and the other doctors, Foster continued his revenge scheme. When the Angel paid a visit to the Cliffside Mausoleum, the mortician clubbed the hero over the head with a urn and tossed him into the cremation furnace. Foster attempted to kill the hero by burning him alive, but the Angel managed to survive by wrecking the mechanisms that started the fires. While the Angel continued his investigation, Dr. Foster obtained Dr. Bell's bones and constructed a device that allowed him to control the skeleton remotely.

Knowing that his colleague Dr. Platt was expecting a skeleton to be shipped to his Benson Company, Foster hijacked the vehicle and shot the driver. Then replacing the skeleton on board with his radio control one, he attempted to make the skeleton choke Platt to death. Platt was rescued by the Angel who followed the fleeing skeleton back to Foster's hideout. There, the hero attacked, and when Foster ordered the skeleton to try and strangle the hero, the Angel moved out of the way, putting Foster in the path of his weapon's deadly hands. Foster was strangled to death before the Angel could stop the radio control skeleton. With Foster dead, the Angel left the scene for the authorities to clean up.[1]


Doctor Foster's Mechanical Skeleton from Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 6 0001

Doctor Foster's radio control skeleton

Foster became an expert in rigging skulls and skeletons into weapons that he could use. He created two skulls that could fire one or more poison darts when they were being examined. His most ambitious invention was a complete skeleton that he could operate via radio control. He could command it to do simple functions ranging from walking, attacking, and strangling to even mundane things like pretending to smoke.

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