Doctor Grimm had delusions of being a master criminal through his hideous creations. Working in secret from his hospital he created and bred monstrous creatures, the last of which a creature called Gorro which he planned to use to commit crimes on his behalf. His plans would never come into fruition thanks to the chance intervention from Captain America and Bucky. When Bucky would be injured fighting crooks in his costumed identity Captain America would rush him to the closest hospital. This would happen to be the one run by Dr. Grimm.

While Bucky was recovering he would listen as the nurse would confide in him the fact that she was frightened to work in Dr. Grimm's hospital. Growing suspicious of the strange freaks that wandered the halls. He would attempt to write a letter to tell Captain America before being captured. Grimm, interested in pitting Gorro against Captain America would allow the letter to be delivered.

When Captain America would come to rescue Bucky, Grimm would unleash Gorro upon him. During the fight, Bucky would grab Grimm's pistol and unload it's entire chamber in the monsters face, killing it. Grimm would attempt to attack Captain America, however in their struggle, he would accidentally fall off the balcony of his hospital and fall to his death.[1]


Dr. Grimm was a brilliant physician and scientist, able to breed humanoid creatures such as Gorro.


Dr. Grimm sometimes carried a pistol.

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