Izan was a spy who worked for the Nazis during World War II. In early 1943 he and his minions had setup operations near Camp Lehigh. Posing as a doctor, Izan would treat seriously ill patients, tell their loved ones that they were dying and offer a miracle cure. In reality, Izan had the patients shipped off to his hideout where they were left to die, and were instead replaced by Nazi spies who were surgically altered to act as the "cured" patients and assume their identities. To this end, the spies then attempted to get positions as air raid wardens of a nearby city. They then began plotting to insure that all the lights remained on during a Nazi air raid. The bodies of the dead men were then dumped in a lake near Camp Lehigh, with Izan confident that since they were not drowned in the lake, if found the authorities would not be able to determine the cause of death.

Izan's plot all came apart the day that Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes went skinny dipping in the lake where the bodies were disposed. Discovering the bodies, they were attacked by Izan. Changing into Captain America and Bucky, the two heroes fought Izan and his men until they fled leaving no trace to follow. Cap and Bucky then reported the bodies but examinations of the cadavers yielded no cause of death.

Later as Izan was performing one of his "miracle" cures on a terminally ill man, Captain America and Bucky happened by the hospital and came across the man's son crying on the street corner. Listening to the boys story, the two heroes decided to see what they could do for him and scale the building. Peeking into room of the ill man they would see him apparently well enough to be discharged. Recognizing something familiar about the doctor, the two heroes then followed his car to his hideout where they witnessed Izan doffing his disguise.

There Cap and Bucky learned how Izan and his men were switching places with terminally ill men and attack. The fight would end with the lights being doused and Izan shooting his own men thinking they were Captain America and Bucky and fleeing. Surviving, Cap and Bucky followed after Izan and were shocked by the number of operatives he had working under false identities and learned their goals.

Attacking Izan once more, the two heroes were overpowered by the army of men at his command and were tossed down a rock crusher. Getting free from the device, Captain America and Bucky rushed into town just as air raid sirens were starting to blare. Entering the power station they found Izan and his men, and during the fight Cap knocked Izan into the controls electrocuting him and causing a blackout that prevented Nazi planes from bombing the area, foiling Izan's plans.


When posing as a doctor, Izan wore a life-like mask that disguised his features.


Izan carried a pistol.

Izan should not be confused with a similarly named spy who clashed with the Human Torch and Toro. Official Index To The Marvel Universe:The Avengers,Thor & Captain America#6(11/10) calls him Doctor Izan.

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