Dr. Jenner was a psychologist who worked for Kramer Penitentiary. When Cletus Kasady was transferred to said prison, Dr. Jenner requested to work with him, and attempted to end Cletus' psychological bond with the symbiote.

After being fatally wounded by a fellow immate paid by Jenner, the psychologist revealed to Kasady he wanted to become the new host of Carnage as soon as the symbiote tried to get to him. Jenner then suffocated Cletus to death with a pillow.

Jenner discovered the symbiote using the penitentiary's warden as a host trying to get to Cletus' corpse and become one once more. Jenner proposed the symbiote to choose him over Cletus, but she refused Jenner's offer and bonded with Cletus' corpse, reanimating him. Back as Carnage, Cletus asphyxiated Jenner to death.[1]

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