In the late 1920's, Doctor Klutch worked with Dr. Danger in creating a formula that would boost the physical and mental attributes of a living organism to their peak performance. Wishing to inject himself so that he might use the gained enhanced abilities for evil purposes, Klutch was refused by Dr. Danger who did not fully trust his assistant. Furious, Klutch organized events that had Danger and his wife drive through a dangerous neighborhood and get caught in the explosion of a mobster's hand grenade in the middle of a gangland fire fight. Searching Danger's lab for notes of the formula, Klutch only find Danger's diary that had an entry explaining that the only existing sample of the formula was injected in Danger's now orphaned twin sons Wally and Tom Danger. The boys were put up for adoption, with Wally being taken in by Danger's colleague Professor Moxon and Tom being kidnapped by crime lord Wong Chee before Klutch could get to them.

Over the next fourteen years, Klutch spent his time trying to track down the Danger brothers. By 1941, the Danger brothers were reunited and both enrolled at Westfield High School where they became star football players. Tracking the boys to Westfield, Klutch -- now a criminal scientist with his own gang -- captured the Danger brothers and their fellow teammates and close knit group of friends dubbed the Tough Kid Squad. Bringing them to his hideout, he explained why he sought out the Danger children. Their trek to Klutch's hideout was delayed by rival gangsters starting a fire fight, allowing the Tough Kid Squad to escape. Tossing a grenade back at the warring mobsters, the Tough Kid Squad figured that Klutch and his men would be killed in the explosion.

However, Klutch and his men survived and came across the boys just as they were tied up by a crazy man living in the bush. Killing the wild man, Klutch took them to his hideout where he was left alone with his body guard the mute Native American named Komba. Experimenting on the Danger brothers, Klutch isolated the formula and extracted a sample of Wally's blood. By this point, the other Tough Kids had broken free and in battling Klutch and Komba started a fire in the house, forcing Komba to grab his master and flee. Knowing the boys had survived by travelling through a secret tunnel under his house, Klutch injected Komba with the blood he took from Wally, empowering him. Komba was slain by the Tough Kids, but Klutch once again captured them.

Taking them to one of his other hideouts, Klutch extracted blood from Tom and inject it in himself, having all his abilities boosted to their peak. Leaving the youths to die in his "Vault of Oblivion", Klutch forced the local gangs to join him in robbing three banks at once. Returning to their hideout with the stolen loot, Klutch and his men were ambushed by the Tough Kid Squad (who had escaped and armed themselves with weapons stashed in the hideout). Battling the Danger brothers, Klutch was knocked out when one of the boys broke a vial of knock-out gas over his head. Klutch recovered just in time for the authorities to arrive and arrest him.[1]

The subsequent fate and activities of Doctor Klutch remain unknown.


When empowered with Dr. Danger's formula, Klutch's physical and mental abilities were boosted to their peak. It caused him to invent new chemical compounds and be a match in combat against the teenage Danger brothers despite the fact that he was in his middle age.


Klutch was a scientific genius whose expertise appeared to be centered around biology and chemistry.


Klutch armed himself with various firearms. One of his hideouts contained the "Vault of Oblivion", a room that had a ceiling that would collapse and crush his enemies. After injecting himself with Dr. Danger's formula, he devised a way to create a "double acid", a corrosive chemical compound that could eat through human flesh in moments, leaving nothing but bone.

Doctor Klutch's work on trying to create a Super-Soldier Serum makes him similar to Captain America's World War II foe Professor Silas Cragg and Doctor Colosso.

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