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Doctor Lammon

Doctor Lammon was an expert in Egyptian studies at a University. He came into possession of a sphinx that contained a vial of concentrated opium and a note that told that whoever drank the potion learned the truth. The potion instead turned him mad, and apparently turned him into a sort of lycanthrope that would transform into a mummy at night. Calling himself Karr the Mummy and worshiping the demon Modebl, he went on murder sprees throughout 1946.

The murders attracted the attention of the Young Allies who travelled to the scene of his last murder on River Road. There they found a cryptic note about the sphinx and encountered the mummy. During their fight, the mummy was sent fleeing in fear of Toro's flame powers, which also broke the sphinx necklace free from the mummy's neck. Examining the hieroglyphics, Jeff Sandervilt and Toro brought copies to Doctor Lammon, unaware that he was really the mummy. Lammon told them to bring the original sphinx.

When the Young Allies came later, they were attacked by the mummy but sent him fleeing again. During the fight, the mummy at thrown a sword at Bucky who was wearing the sphinx around his neck at the time. The sword struck a spring that revealed the potion and the note. Toro then deduced that Lammon was the mummy, and after the creatures next attack they returned to the museum. Confronting the mummy, they forced him to flee up a flight of stairs. Frightened once again by Toro's flame, the mummy fell over the banister to his death. The Young Allies unmasked him as Doctor Lammon and deduced that drinking the potion had driven him mad.[1]


Apparently by drinking the potion within the sphinx, Lammon gained a form of Lycanthropy that caused him to transform into a mummy at night. The full extent of these abilities are unexplored, but apparently it gathered him a measure of durability and enhanced strength.


When in his mummy form, Lammon had a fear of fire.


Lammon had a sphinx necklace that came from ancient Egypt. Inside it contained a potion that apparently granted him his powers, but also drove him mad. The potions magical abilities were in doubt when they were identified as concentrated opium. However, a full explanation has not been forthcoming.

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