The Green Terror

Dr. Lorrof was a scientist who, according to his own account, was cast out of his field. In revenge, he created a green flesh eating mass he dubbed the "Green Terror" and unleashed it upon Titan City. City officials called Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro to stop the menace. Realizing that the Green Terror's weakness was radium, Zog sent Electro to recover an experimental radium gun developed by the Titan City hospital. Electro arrived just as Lorrof was attempting to steal the device. Lorrof attempted to use the radium gun to ward off Electro, but it had no effect on the robot, and Lorrof was forced to flee with out it.

When Electro destroy his Green Terror, Lorrof returned to his lab where he attempted to transform two giant crabs into a new Green Terror. However, Zog piloted Electro to the location and had the robot destroy Lorrof's other creations. In a mad attempt to destroy Electro, Lorrof attempted to blow it up with a stick of dynamite. Lorrof only succeed in destroying his lab and killing himself, ending his threat once and for all.[1]


Lorrof was a brilliant biologist, able to create the "Green Terror", a mass of green slime that ate human flesh. He also was able to mutate two crabs and increase their size and apparently was able to mutate them further into a new Green Terror.


Lorrof developed a large metal sphere to transport the Green Terror until it was ready to be unleashed. It could be propelled by unrevealed means.


Lorrof briefly wielded a Radium Gun that fired concentrated beams of radiation, the only weakness of the Green Terror.

From his name and appearance, he may well be based on Peter Lorre, a 1930s and 40s Jewish Austro-Hungarian actor who specialized in sinister strangers and mad scientists.

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