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Dr. Luville was a spy for the Nazis during World War II. By fall of 1944, he was posing as an Allied doctor at an American base on St. Lazarre Island in the West Indies. He developed a chemical that could speed up the aging process, rapidly aging someone to death. He and his Nazi allies began testing the chemical on soldiers and locals.

The sudden "outbreak" of people rapidly aging lead the US military to send for the Sub-Mariner to investigate. Luville attempted to frame his fellow doctor, Hugo Polter, of the crime. When Namor got too close to the truth, Luville had Hugo and his daughter Eva captured and infected with the chemical. Despite their fatal aging, they managed to lead Namor to Luville's hideout on Pirates Cove. There, Namor commandeered a device that fired darts coated with the chemical.

Luville and his minions were all shot and were subject to the same fate as many of their victims. Despite his fatal injury, Luville attempted to swim away and ended up drowning.[1]



Luville uses dart guns coated with a drug that would cause human beings to rapidly age.


Mister Black[2] also created a drug that would cause human beings to rapidly age.

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