Doctor Macabre was a thief who used psychology and hypnosis to commit his crimes in the 1940s. By 1948 he had set up a seemingly legitimate practice which he claimed to use hypnosis to cure criminals of their criminal tendencies. He would use this notoriety to get invitations to charity events being thrown by the city's wealthy individuals. He then planted a criminal in the audience to commit a petty crime while another robbed a larger amount while the party goers and authorities were occupied with the more visible theft. During his operations he was visited by Larry Keen, a young man who was adopted by the wealthy Henry Clivedon as a youth. Larry, engaged to Henry's daughter Toni, sought Macabre's assistance to deal with his depression while he was attempting to make a name himself without the assistance of the wealthy Henry Clivedon. Dr. Macabre instead used his hypnotic powers to enthrall Larry and force him to rob the valuables of the various party hosts that Macabre was sent an invitation.

In one such instance, Macabre shot the butler during the theft of a necklace and Larry fled with Toni, who then began to suspect her husband as the thief. During their next theft at the home of Mrs. Potter, Toni caught Larry in the act and he slapped her across the face before fleeing. Toni, distraught attempted to commit suicide but was saved by Sub-Mariner and Namora. Toni then explained Larry's background and Namor deduced Dr. Macabre's influence. When they arrived at Macabre's apartment they found that Larry had broken free from Macabre's control and felled Macabre with a single punch. Namor and Namora apprehended Macabre, and after the trial Larry was given a suspended sentence and went on to be a successful architect.

Although Namor has stated that Macabre was to be sentenced to the electric chair for his crimes,[1] his ultimate fate is unknown.


Doctor Macabre is a hypnotist, the extent and limitations, and cause of this ability are unknown. He displayed the ability to command people to rob on his behalf. Those with particularly strong wills could fight off his control, especially when forced to commit acts they could not naturally bring themselves to do. Due to the ease one has to shake off Macabre's hypnosis, his abilities are likely through regular hypnosis and not the result of super-human abilities.


Dr. Macabre carried a gun.

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