Quote1 A rat – he calls himself Dr. Manyac and is a killer of the worst type. He has a mania for destruction and ... death! Quote2
-- Maizie src

Dr. Manyac was a brilliant scientist who invented the "Green Flame", a form of intense cold that appears as green fire. Creating special asbestos lined suits to harness this power he outfitted a gang to terrorize New York City and threatened to destroy it if his demands for ransom were not met. When the city refused to follow his demands, he sent out his army of Green Flames to demolish the city with their cold powers. Manyac was defeated by the timely arrival of the android Human Torch with the aid of his allies Johnson and Maizie.[1]

Doctor Manyac (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 4 001

First appearance of Dr. Manyac

In the spring of 1941, Dr. Manyac would be free once more and hired by the Nazi's whom he would willingly join believing that they recognized his true genius. Teamed with Heir Goffman and kidnap Professor Philo Zogolowski, inventor the Electro robot. They would force Zogolowski to combine Manyac's green flame technology with that of his robotics creating an army of robotic Green Flames. They would also utilize both technologies to create the massive Project: Blockbuster robot. Next, they would dispatch a number of the robot Green Flames to capture the Human Torch in order to learn the secret of his flame powers to create robots that could generate extreme heat and extreme cold.

The Torch would learn about the Nazi's plans, but would be freed by the combined efforts of the Sub-Mariner, Betty Dean, Toro, the Angel and the Ferret. As the heroes freed Zogolowski, Manyac and Goffman would unleash Project: Blockbuster, however the combined efforts of the Torch and Sub-Mariner would destroy it. The feedback from the machine would cause an explosion that would seemingly kill Manyac and Goffman.[2]

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