Doctor Markov was a criminal scientist who was active in the New York City area during the 1950s. By 1954 he had developed a device that could reduce the age of someone. However the invention had one fatal side effect: After 30 days the person restored to their youth would crumble to dust. Greedy and seeking money, Markov tricked elderly citizens in old age homes to agreeing to being de-aged, omitting the fact that they had 30 days to live. In exchange for this service, Markov had those he restored to youth commit robberies, rationalizing that if they are captured they would only do a short stint in jail and still have their youth when they gave out. This, apparently, was enough for most of those he approached and soon a youth crime spree exploded across the city while old folks homes were forced to close up as the elderly population seemingly disappeared. Assisting the authorities in capturing the young hoods were the heroes the Human Torch and Toro. Unknown to Toro, his Uncle Julius was one of the men who was restored to youth and was Markov's primary recruiter for new elderly men to convert.[1]

29 days into the youth crime spree, the Torch and Toro realized that the explosion in youth crime and the disappearance of the cities elderly people were occurring at the same time. Correctly suspecting a connection the pair disguised themselves as a pair of elderly men and were ironically enough recruited by Toro's Uncle Julius. Seeing Markov's device at work the Torch suspected that something wasn't adding up and both he and Toro crashed the demonstration. During the struggle, Toro learned the true identity of their "recruiter" while the Torch strapped Markov into his own device and threatened to expose him to it. Markov surrendered explaining the side-effect of the device that he kept hidden from his minions. Furious, Julius shot his gun at the device causing it to explode killing everyone inside Markov's hideout except for the Torch and Toro who were thrown clear from the blast.[1]


Doctor Markov's De-Aging Machine from Young Men Vol 1 25 0001

Doctor Markov's de-aging machine at work.

Doctor Markov invented a device that could reduce the age of someone. The limitations of the device are unknown, it was at least showed the ability of reducing a person at the age of 70 to the physical condition of a 20 year old. However the device had a single fatal side effect: After 30 days of exposure, those who were de-aged by the device crumbled to dust.

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