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In the 1940's, Dr. Mefis operated as a psychiatrist using the skill of hypnosis to coerce his patients into giving him their valuables and make them forget it. His patients then went on to think they were robbed, earning Mefis the name of the "Phantom Burglar" in the newspapers. He operated out of a private residence with his receptionist, a man apparently from India -- suggesting that perhaps Mefis learned his hypnotic abilities in that region.

His plot attracted the attention of newspaper reporter Deadline Dawson and his detective friend Terry Vance. They went to the home of the most recent victim, Mrs. Kaye, arriving just as Kaye was returning home from a visit with Dr. Mefis. Mefis told the young men that Kaye was in no condition to be interviewed and asked them to leave. By this point, Terry's pet monkey Dr. Watson had stolen a list of clients out of Mefis's back pocket and showed it to Terry, Deadline, and Mrs. Kaye's daughter Jane. They were surprised to find that the names on the client list were also all of the victims of the Phantom Burglar.

Seeking to catch Mefis in the act, Terry disguised himself as an old man and went to visit Mefis at his private office. There, the boy detective proved to be no match for the hypnotic powers of Dr. Mefis who ordered the boy to return home and cut his own throat. This was stopped by the timely arrival of Deadline, Dr. Watson, and Jane Kaye. The hypnotic spell was broken when Dr. Watson wrapped his tail around Mefis's throat and threatened to strangle him. Surrendering, Mefis then attempted to escape when the authorities were called. He ran into his receptionist's pet boa constrictor and cowered, but his life was saved by Terry who cut the giant snake in half with a sword.

With the police on the scene, Dr. Mefis was taken into custody and his operation exposed.[1] His subsequent fate is unrevealed.

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Dr. Mefis is a skilled hypnotist, able to implant commands in the minds of his victims and then make them forget his orders until they needed to be carried out and forgetting them afterward. The limitations to his hypnotic abilities are unexplored; however, they appear to be nothing more than a psychological trick as opposed to any sort of super-human mind control ability.

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