Dr. Parker set out to perform experiments on a small island he had charted using native islanders from neighboring islands to help him in his work. Here he created a "hormone regulator serum" which could cause the growth-rate in animals. Several of his experiments escaped and caused havok on the natives so they mutanied against him. 10 years later Professor Briggs positive that Parker was still alive. hired Captain Kane and his crew to follow a map left behind by Parker. After reaching latitude X, Captain Kane's boat was sunk by what he thought was an island. After him and Professor Briggs washed up on the island they were captured by the natives and taken to the same place as Doctor Parker who they had also tied up. After explaining his research with Growth Hormones,the giant snapping turtle known as Experiment 247 appeared out of the jungle. After escaping the island, they discovered the Doctor's first experiment named Experiment XYZ was an even larger turtle and was the "island" that sunk Captain Kane's boat. [1]

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