Dr. Scarr was a researcher who was active in the 1940s. In 1945, his colleague Joshua Trent had died and his will stipulated that his fortune would either go to his nephew Brad, or to Scarr, whomever won a boat race from New York to Florida. Scarr was determined to win the money by any means possible and hired on his research assistant Imur to help. Unfortunately for Scarr, the Sub-Mariner was convinced to follow the race to insure there was no foul play involved.

Namor prevented Scarr from blowing up Brad's boat with a torpedo. However, Scarr was successful at firing a glass container containing a poisonous insect into Brad's boat. When Brad and his co-pilot Ted Logan were bitten by the insect they went into comas. When Namor discovered this, he easily overpowered Scarr and Imur and tied them up. Forcing the insect to bite them, Namor then forced Scarr to reveal where the antidote was. Namor then left with it to cure Brad and Ted. Still conscious, Scarr managed to cut free their bonds with broken glass and administered the antidote to himself and Imur and continued on the race before Brad could catch up.

Stopping at a refueling station Scarr and Imur planted a bomb to blow up Brad's boat when he stopped to refuel. They were prevented from leaving by Namor who held their boat in place to allow Brad a fair chance to catch up. When told there was a bomb in the fueling station, Namor tossed it as far away as possible, however the resulting explosion destroyed Scarr's boat and sent Scarr and Imur flying into the ocean. Brad then was able to win the race unimpeded.[1]

What happened to Scarr after the explosion is unknown.


Scarr had a speed boat with was armed with a torpedo tube.


Scarr had a gun that was modified to fire glass containers that could store items, in his use of the weapon he used to to shoot a poisonous insect into his opponents boat.

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