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Quote1.png You knew I was a doctor of something, yes? My field is superhuman biology. It is not an honorary title. That is what makes me different from the dog. Quote2.png
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Dr. Shapiro was a hyper-intelligent cat working for Stark Unlimited, as an expert in superhuman biology.[1] The collar he wore allowed him to speak English to communicate with humans, namely his coworkers.[2] He possessed his own battle armor, and used it to defend the Stark Unlimited HQ against the dragon Sadurang.[3]

Shapiro riding his armor

When Stark Unlimited became involved in thwarting the plans of Ultron Pym to replace humanity with cyborgs, one of his test subjects was a hybrid of the Vision and Wonder Man.[4] After being taken down by Iron Man, the hybrid was brought to Stark Unlimited to split the heroes from each other.[5] Dr. Shapiro used his expertise in superhuman biology to device a separation process.[1] After Tony Stark became merged with his own armor, Shapiro guided him in piloting a remotely-controlled Nano Iron Man Armor inside his own body to make the necessary preparations to use the separation process on himself, by ionically tagging all mechanical parts to be expelled from his body.[6]

Following the acquisition of Stark Unlimited by its competitor Baintronics, its CEO Sunset Bain had the company overhauled. Under the assumption that Doctor Shapiro was actually a regular cat who served as the delivery system for a sophisticated artificial intelligence stored within his collar, Bain confiscated the device as part of the anti-A.I. policies of her company.[7] Shapiro played on Bain's assumption, and pretended to have lost his intelligence.[8] Sunset kept Shapiro as her pet,[9] and even moved him to Baintronics' Seattle base temporarily. However, Bain tried to get rid of him after he scratched her sofa. Shapiro was kicked out of the building and roamed the city for two days before returning.[10]

Dr. Shapiro used his deception to gather information from Baintronics and give it to Friday, who relayed it to the A.I. Army as the anonymous "Ghost in the Machine." After learning that Tony Stark's brother Arno planned to enslave the entire world, Shapiro let Friday know of the grim development.[8]

Later, after witnessing Sunset Bain's duplicate kill the her in an episode of madness, Shapiro made his move messed with Stark Unlimited HQ's master controls so the A.I. Army and their allies could storm the tower and its bio-pods to fully restore Tony Stark's body. Andy Bhang gave Shapiro a new voice collar so he could speak and show him where the bio-pods were. Shapiro later aided Stark in stopping his brother from enslaving humanity in the Stark Space Station. Tony eventually subdued Arno by subjecting him to a virtual reality where he defeated the Extinction Entity and became a hero.[11]



Superfeline Intelligence: Dr. Shapiro appears to possess a level of intelligence much greater than that of an average cat. Not only he can communicate eloquently in English using his translator collar, but he can also pilot his own battle suit.[3]



  • Dr. Shapiro originally possessed a collar which allowed him to speak English.[2] He later got a new one.[12]
  • Dr. Shapiro had his own battle armor.[3]

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