Doctor Smart was a intelligent and cunning criminal that used his intellect and inventive genius to commit seemingly fool-proof crimes. He brazenly taunted the Human Torch and his partner Toro that he intended to rob the 42nd street bank. He succeeded by having his minions pose as the funeral procession for the beloved politician J.C. McDonnel, stealing a million dollars out from under the Human Torch's nose and fleeing the scene.

Despite all the technical traps and fireproofed gimmicks that Dr. Smart employed, the Torch caused him to crash his modified and flame proofed hearse into East River. Dr. Smart not only got away but had the diving equipment necessary to recover the loot before the authorities. On the run again, he was tracked back to his hide out. Knocking out the Torch and Toro, he attempted to eliminate the pair by burying them on his property. However, the duo escaped his trap and captured him, turning him over to the authorities.[1]


Dr. Smart was a master planner and inventive genius.


Smart used a number of devices tailored to commit a robbery that could not only evade conventional law enforcement, but also resist the flame powers of the Human Torch and Toro. These would include asbestos lined suits, bombs that could wrap an individual with asbestos lined foils, diving gear, and a net system that was rigged to sea-mines.


Dr. Smart drove a hearse specially modified where the interior storage area was lined with asbestos and had flame proof windows. The storage area was also detachable and could be dumped with a hydraulics system build into the hearse; a motor boat that could emit a gas that could douse flames; and flame proofed car that could emit laughing gas.

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