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Quote1.png But now I -- Dormammu, Lord of Chaos, the equal of Odin or Zeus -- have died and been born again! Here! Now -- this world is mine! Quote2.png
-- Dormammu

Appearing in "Love Is the Spell, The Spell Is Death!"

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Note: all of the characters listed here make cameo appearances at Stephen Strange's funeral service, which was an illusion that never happened.

Note: all of the characters listed here appear in the recap.

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Synopsis for "Love Is the Spell, The Spell Is Death!"

As super-heroes gather for the funeral of Dr. Strange, he finalizes a battle at sea. After returning home for rest, Doc goes into his Astral Form. Dormammu takes over Doc's body and attempts to kill Doc's spirit.


  • At this point in time, the general populace of Earth believes that Doctor Strange was killed in combat with the Beyonder in Secret Wars II #9. The funeral was not real, but a spell that Doctor Strange conjured to hide himself from the world.
  • Doctor Strange finds the Morlock tunnels abandoned. This is due primarily to the actions of the Marauders who slaughtered dozens of Morlocks in an event known as the Mutant Massacre.
  • Dormammu was previously believed to have been destroyed in Doctor Strange (Vol. 2) #51.
  • It is hypothesized that the Old One and his eldritch prison island are respectively Cthulhu, one of the Old Ones, and R'lyeh,[2] though it remained unconfirmed.

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