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Synopsis for "Blood Is Thicker..."

Marie Laveau is about to sacrifice Morgana to summon Varnae from the dead but Bambu lets himself be killed in her place. Marie is captured by Brother Voodoo, but Varnae escapes into the night.


  • Incantations include:

"By the power vast which he who honors Oshtur wields -- By the Seraphim, which grant me sway o'er mystic shields -- By the scarcely harnessed might of dread Satannish -- Let now this thrice-cursed wall before us vanish."

"Sacred Vishanti -- you three who are one -- Though your book be inviolate, to be sundered by none -- Now bathe me in scorn -- Cascade me with curses -- But deilver to me -- The Vampiric Verses!"

"Eternal Vishanti -- I call you en toto -- Great Oshtur, Pale Hoggoth, Many-faced Agamotto -- Though none else might destroy it -- ye gods, I implore -- Let this page of your spellbook be on Earth -- nevermore!"

"Ere ocean-tossed Atlantis was lost, two hundred centuries gone -- grim wizards did pore o'er Darkhold lore of the primal demon, Chthon! -- Their perished foes as vampires rose, at the sorcerers' arcane word -- but the first on that stage was a dying mage -- one of their own dark horse! Now, by a Creole, who's traded soul for never-ending life -- be raised on high, against the sky -- this long-unbloodied knife -- and when 'tis pressed into mortal breast, so nigh a true vampire -- there'll rise instead, that first undead -- as human life does expire!"

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