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Appearing in "Souled Out!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Willis (Doorman at the Stephen Strange Memorial Metaphysical Institute)
  • Dr. Corbett (Professor at the Stephen Strange Memorial Metaphysical Institute)
  • Wally (Con artist)
  • Raggadorr (Invoked)
  • Faltine (Invoked)
  • Seraphim (Invoked)




Synopsis for "Souled Out!"

After Rintrah asks to be Doc's apprentice, Baron Mordo shows up and nearly succeeds in stealing Doc's soul. Doc reverses the spell and traps Mordo and the kidnapped Sara Wolfe in a tiny soul sphere.


  • By the Demons of Denak -- Reveal the foe at the mirror's back!
  • By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr -- And the Dozen Moons of Munnopor -- I hurl thee to the park's green floor!
  • Let Hoggoth's Hoary Hand be laid upon my brow -- Let nothing 'twixt us stand -- And gaining entrance -- now!
  • By the Shadowy Shades which rule the black of night -- Let Faltine's Fires now pierce you -- With a thousand points of lights!
  • Dread Rings that roam the universe -- The Mage Supreme commands -- Disperse!
  • Ever shall I fight -- Never shall I yield! And ever my aegis is -- the Seraphim's Bright Shield!
  • By the Great Omnipotent Oshtur -- By Watoomb's Wand, forever cursed -- By the power of Dark Dormammu -- Myself and Mordo be now reversed!

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