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Quote1.png I see you must be forced to hear me -- this is now guerrilla warfare -- there is no sanctuary. Witness, however, my friends...some times to wrest victory from apparent disaster, one must force the devastation -- to completion! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Scatter...and Sister Nil"

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Synopsis for "Scatter...and Sister Nil"

Doctor Strange and the Midnight Sons are besieged at the Sanctum, as numerous Lilin demons push from outside. A small Lilin named Scatter breaks through a wall and runs throughout the mansion. Doctor Strange warns that the demon can scatter thoughts. Vicki Montesi is the first one affected, shouting and stuggling against Wong and Imei to get outside. Ghost Rider, Blaze, Vengeance, and Hannibal King chase Scatter down a hallway, but are affected by his powers as well. Doctor Strange puts Vicki to sleep with a spell, then opens a portal to transport her and Sam Buchanan to safety.

When Doctor Strange tries to freeze time with a stasis spiral, he is hit by another psychic assault.[Notes 1] He realizes that somone or something more powerful than Lilith is trying to use him to enter their world. Strange and Caretaker explain to the others that the spell is backfiring, making them see frightening visions of their pasts and futures.

Sister Nil, another Lilin demon, arrives and kills Imei. Doctor Strange telepathically reachs out to Morbius, helps free his mind enough to tackle Sister Nil, then finishes her off with an ice spell. Wong insists on leaving with Imei's corpse. Doctor Strange tries to create another portal, but Wong is consumed by the mysterious green energy and screams.

Doctor Strange realizes he has to destroy his own Sanctum. The building collapses around the Midnight Sons, and they find themselves surrounded by Lilith and her demons.


  1. Strange was previously assaulted by the green energy in Morbius: The Living Vampire #16. Marvel Comics Presents #146 and Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #61 will reveal that the source is Salomé.

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