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Quote1.png No offense but... you guys, Mephisto has turned Vegas into his home turf. He took out the Avengers without even leaving his penthouse! I'm not seeing what a bunch of monsters, a psychopath, a kung fu guy and a frankly useless vampire slayer are going to do abou-- Quote2.png
Elsa Bloodstone

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• Mephisto has taken up some major real estate in Las Vegas, but he’s not going to stop there. He’s got the rest of Earth on his “TO GET” list and only Doctor Strange can stop him.

• The only downside? Strange went into Mephisto’s Doc to confront him and has not been seen since.

• Add the fact that the devilish villain has already corrupted several Avengers, and Wong and his rag-tag group of mystical heroes look like they’re in serious trouble.

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