Quote1.png I don't want to be friends. I just know my limitations. And the fires of Hell will burn this city to the ground if you don't follow me. That enough to get you out of bed, Doc? Quote2.png
-- Punisher

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Synopsis for "Part Two"

After meeting in the last issue, Doctor Strange and the Punisher prepare to take on the threat Punisher saw and stop hellfire from burning New York City to the ground. Frank Castle (the Punisher) almost leaves when he hears that Doctor Strange no longer has control of magic and that all that is left of magic is in artifacts. However, Doctor Strange convinces Castle that he can still help, and the Punisher is more entertained when he finds out that Doctor Strange now uses an axe.

Meanwhile, at the Fusilli restaurant that the Punisher shot up earlier, the Fusilli siblings Livio and Lucretia are looking over the carnage. Soon, an odd man named Prentice Mangrove shows up, promising to rid the Fusilli's of the problem they are having. The three open the door to the kitchen that the Punisher saw earlier that night to reveal a kitchen full of hideous demons. Lucretia Fusilli reminds Mangrove that they have a deal with him to give the Fusilli's the demons' power before destroying them, which Mangrove responds to by letting her know that he still agrees to the deal and reminds her how experienced he is. Mangrove begins chanting magic words to open a portal in the kitchen as the Fusilli's and their men watch in awe. As this is happening, a guardsman bursts in the door and announces that the Fusilli's have company, then slams the door and runs to stop the new arrivals.

Outside the building, Doctor Strange and the Punisher creep toward the restaurant's front, trying to be stealthy. They are confronted by the armed guard who warned the Fusilli's of their presence, but the Punisher quickly shoots him in the head. As Doctor Strange berates the Punisher for not being stealthy enough, they turn to see the entire restaurant explode and demons standing in the center of it.

Solicit Synopsis

Doctor Strange and Punisher are up to their necks in mafia demons!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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