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Quote1.png Wait. Look at them. Look at what they're doing. These aren't monsters. They're people from another realm. Families... just wearing a different skin. That -- that magician. He pulled them into our crossfire. Not a thing I take kindly to. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Part Three"

Beginning where the previous issue left off, Doctor Strange and Frank Castle (the Punisher) launch into battle against the demons standing in the ruins of the old restaurant. The demons are all transformed humans powered with high levels of demonic energy, and the two strongest are the mafia siblings Livio and Lucretia Fusilli who have the abilities to shoot fire out of their hands and eyes, respectively. Castle and Strange battle their way through the monsters trying to get to the restaurant's kitchen where the portal is. As they battle, the Punisher doubts Strange's ability now that he does not have his magic. Castle's guns have no effect on the demons, so Strange throws him a wand and instructs him to point it at enemies and imagine them in a prison. Frank attempts this but nothing happens, so he breaks the wand in half and starts stabbing demons with the pieces.

After fighting off a snake demon, Doctor Strange falls down a hole that lands him in the kitchen he is trying to reach. There he sees Prentice Mangrove controlling the portal and summoning demons from it, as well as sucking the power from already-existing demons to power up mafia members. Mangrove welcomes Doctor Strange, although Strange admits he does not know who Mangrove is. Frank Castle catches up to Strange and is about to attack Mangrove and the demons surrounding him when he realizes that the demons in the room Mangrove is drawing power from are just non-violent creatures families, even though they aren't human. This reminds him of his own origin story and enrages him, but before he is able to do anything the Fusilli siblings appear again and begin blasting the two heroes with fire. Doctor Strange struggles to fend off the fire with his shield and at the same time pulls out an amulet that he commands the Punisher to look at. Everything goes white and they disappear, which causes the Fusilli siblings to think they've killed the duo. Mangrove warns them that the heroes are not dead but have escaped and will now be looking to gather an army to rival the army of demons Mangrove is trying to summon with the portal to fight the Steelgrave family for the Fusilli's.

The Fusilli siblings, still not knowing who Doctor Strange is, question why Mangrove is making such a big deal about the sorcerer. Mangrove explains Doctor Strange's identity and tells them of all the feats he has done. Doctor Strange and the Punisher, who it turns out escaped to hide around the corner of a wall, listen in to Mangrove's ranting as they decide what to do next.

Solicit Synopsis

Has the time finally come for Strange to adopt Punisher's lethal ways? Or is it time for the Punisher to use some magic?

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