Quote1.png That was merely a confirmation that I haven't brought us on a wild ghost chase. Quote2.png
-- Doctor Strange

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Synopsis for "Part Four"

The tale begins with Livio and Lucretia Fusilli debriefing with Prentice Mangrove in the ruins of their exploded restaurant after their battle there last issue. Lucretia tries to use her willpower to turn herself back into a human form instead of demon, but is unsuccessful. This upsets her and she fears that they will be stuck as demons forever. Her brother Livio does not seem phased by this idea but instead enjoys the powers that he has in his demonic form. In a revelry of his powers, Livio blasts fire from his hands and accidentally kills their last demon henchman who was standing behind him. This causes Lucretia to become even more agitated because they no longer have an army to back them up in their conquest of New York. In an attempt to excite his sister, Livio claims that they can still take on the Steelgrave mafia family that controls the Lower East Side of New York on their own. Lucretia is eventually convinced of the idea and uses her wings to fly herself, Livio, and Mangrove to the Lower East Side.

The Punisher (Frank Castle) and Doctor Strange, meanwhile, are standing on a street bickering about the previous battle with the demons. During this fight, they observe the Fusilli's fly over them and Frank suddenly notices a car parked on the street that was also in front of Doctor Strange's home earlier. They confront the car and inside find Bonfrisco, the street urchin who had gone into the restaurant with Castle earlier in the evening. Bonfrisco admits to tailing Castle after he shot up the place but offers to drive them to a location Doctor Strange says they need to go. The heroes accept and get into Bonfrisco's car, who starts driving to the Brooklyn Bridge. During the ride Bonfrisco comments that it seemed weird to him that Strange and Castle were running around the ruins of the restaurant yelling and swinging at nothing. Doctor Strange informs the Punisher that only people who come into direct contact with the demons can see them, so to bystanders like Bonfrisco all of the demons are invisible.

At a disguised base in the Lower East Side, Mr. Steelgrave and his gang members are gearing up to go loot the ruins of the Fusilli's restaurant. As Mr. Steelgrave opens the door to leave the room, he is confronted by Livio Fusilli, who grabs Steelgrave's face and burns it with his demon-powered flames. Lucretia then flies out from the other side of the room and the two siblings proceed to incinerate all of the Steelgrave gang members.

Doctor Strange and the Punisher arrive at Brooklyn Bridge, where they climb over the railing to stand on the edge. While Bonfrisco is climbing over Strange notices and destroys some remnants of the demon he defeated on Coney Island earlier. The fact that pieces of the demon are congregating near the section of the Brooklyn Bridge that he is on confirms to Strange that they are in the correct place, and he begins to walk upside down on the bottom of the bridge. The Punisher and Bonfrisco follow him to find the large golden airplane belonging to the Phantom Eagle hanging on the under side of the bridge.

Solicit Synopsis

The strangest team-up in comics continues! A mystically powered mafia group rampages through New York.

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