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Doctor Strange

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Synopsis for "Part Six"

Continuing from the previous issue, the Punisher is on the ground, surrounded by police and by magical demons that he is fighting off with the detached artillery gun from the Phantom Eagle's old biplane. The police try to calm the Punisher down and restrain him since they cannot see the magic demons he is fighting, nor the weapon he is holding. To them, he appears to be yelling and fighting nothing. Circling in the air with the Phantom Eagle's biplane are Doctor Strange and the mafia lackey, Bonfrisco.

Police officers on the ground become even more confused as they begin getting attacked and killed by demons that they can't see. The Punisher accidentally drops the minigun and is unable to see the demons as well because he is no longer touching a magical artifact. The demons keep trying to kill him, but Doctor Strange swoops down in the biplane and chops some of the demons to pieces with its propeller. The Punisher manages to find the invisible gun on the ground and begins shooting demons again.

All the while, the seeming-necromancer Mangrove has been summoning a huge nether creature from a magical portal nearby. Lucretia Fusilli demands him to send the creature in to kill the Punisher, but Mangrove objects as he says the creature is not powerful enough yet. As the battle rages on between Strange, Castle, and the demons, Mangrove realizes that he needs just a small amount of time more to power up his creature, and that the heroes will defeat the minion demons before that amount of time. To give himself the time he needs, Mangrove casts a spell to power up Lucretia and Livio Fusilli into much more powerful demons and then commands them to kill everyone around. Livio goes after Doctor Strange, but Lucretia realizes that Mangrove is not going to keep his promise to turn her back into a human eventually. She realizes that Mangrove has just been using the mafia siblings to get what he wants and not to help them. Mangrove agrees and reveals that he knew about the magical portal in the restaurant before the Fusilli's did, and manipulated Livio into thinking it was his own idea to hire Mangrove to help harness its power.[Continuity 1] He declares that his purpose is to make the world safe for "people like him" and to wipe out any "inferior" creatures that would threaten that safety, such as grotesque demons and evil crime gangs. He is only using demons to kill more demons and other evils and then plans to eliminate them after they have fulfilled his will. Lucretia tries to attack him, but Mangrove commands his growing nether creature to stop her and informs her that even though the creature is not at full power, it is still far more powerful than she.

The Punisher continues to fight demons while Strange deals with the enhanced Livio who is tearing their plane apart. As he is fighting off Livio, Doctor Strange finally realizes what Mangrove is doing and tries to fly himself and Livio away from the portal. Unfortunately it is too late and Mangrove has powered up his nameless monster to full capacity. No longer needing the minor demons to wipe out crime gangs and other creatures, Mangrove causes them all to explode and explosions happen everywhere as the demons on the ground and the one on Strange and Bonfrisco's plane are obliterated. The plane crashes, and Bonfrisco looks up from the wreckage to see the behemoth nameless creature, now taller than a building, looming over him.

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Using dark magic, a mobster family has transformed into monstrous beings of unbelievable power!

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