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Synopsis for "Part Eight"

Continued from last issue.

Bonfrisco is running away from Doctor Strange and the Punisher's battle against Prentice Mangrove and his behemoth when encounters a water-delivery truck. Angry with himself for what he is doing, he gets inside the truck.

Doctor Strange the Punisher, meanwhile, are fighting Mangrove as he rides atop his giant monster, wreaking havoc. The Punisher is flying Karl Kaufman's magical World War I biplane while spirits of past biplanes help pelter the monster with bullets. On the ground, Doctor Strange is fighting Lucretia Fusili, who cannot control her own body because she is under a spell of Prentice Mangrove, while at the same time he is defending citizens from the behemoth's attacks.

The Punisher in his biplane knocks Mangrove off the tops of his monster, but Mangrove grabs on to the biplane's wing to save himself. With Mangrove distracted, Lucretia realizes she finally has control of her own body again and flies after the plane to kill Mangrove. Unfortunately, as she gets close, Mangrove begins reading from his book again and regains control of Lucretia's body, then commands her to kill the Punisher. Doctor Strange, from the ground, realizes that there is no other choice, and shoots Lucretia down with the machine gun he has been carrying.

The Punisher tackles Mangrove off the wing of the plane, and both of them go plummeting down to the ground and land in a heap of trash bags. Mangrove drops his book, which Doctor Strange chases after. Before he is able to reach it, though, Bonfrisco interrupts by driving a water truck into the monster's leg, thinking that he has transformed the water into "holy water" by saying 15 Hail Marys as he drove it. The water is in fact unchanged, and nothing happens when the truck drives into the monster, so Bonfrisco runs away.

The regular citizens remaining on the battlefield band together and take a stand against Mangrove, challenging him to go through them before getting to their city. Mangrove intends to do exactly that, but Doctor Strange steps in front of the crowd and Mangrove hears the Punisher's voice behind him. As Mangrove turns around, the Punisher shoots him in the head.

With Mangrove dead, Doctor Strange picks up his book and throws it into the portal all the demons came from. The behemoth monster separates back into the individual demons it was made up of and they follow the book into the portal. Strange narrates that he found out later the book became a talisman when the magic on earth died, and it was perverted by Mangrove's sense of racial superiority. When the final demons enter the portal, it closes, and Doctor Strange and the Punisher climb out of the crater of the old Fusili restaurant. Just then Spider-Man shows up to investigate, and a police officer mentions that the Avengers probably aren't far behind.

In another part of the wreckage, Lucretia laments the death of her brother until she happens upon his severed head, which is still alive. She then turns around to find Bonfrisco, and tells him to let people know the Fusili siblings will never die before flying off. Bonfrisco tries to escape the wreckage site before he is found by cops, but is confronted by the Punisher first. The Punisher tells Bonfrisco that he knows how the thug originally tried to kill him and Doctor Strange, so he shoots Bonfrisco in the head and walks away, thankful that he is done dealing with magic.

Solicit Synopsis

With Doctor Strange working on being more grounded and the Punisher trying to adjust to magic, this mismatched pair has their work cut out for them.


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