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Doctor Strange - Punisher Magic Bullets Infinite Comic Vol 1 2 Logo
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Limited Series (Team-Up)
Genre: Super Hero
Featuring: Doctor Strange and Punisher
Status: Finished
Publication Date: February—May, 2017
4 issues • 14 images • 4 reprinted issues • 1 TPB edition

The Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets magazines were physical printed copies of the original comic mini-series of the same name that released digitally as a part of the digital Infinite Comics line. Physical copies were printed a month after their digital counterparts released, and each physical copy would combine two of the original comics into one (e.g. Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets #1 of the magazine format contained the panels from both Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets Infinite Comic #1 and 2 of the Infinite Comics series).

The mini series was released in 2016, and followed an adventure in which Doctor Strange and the Punisher team up to stop an evil pseudo-sorcerer from killing those he did not like using demons summoned from a dimension-bridging portal.

The story takes place during a single day, and occurs in Doctor Strange's comics between Doctor Strange Annual (Vol. 2) #1 and Doctor Strange (Vol. 4) #11. In the Punisher's series it is between Punisher (Vol. 11) #13 and Punisher (Vol. 11) #14.