Quote1.png I don't want to be friends. I just know my limitations. And the fires of Hell will burn this city to the ground if you don't follow me. That enough to get you out of bed, Doc? Quote2.png
-- Punisher

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Synopsis for 1st story

This story is a printing of both of the digital comics Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets Infinite Comic #1 and Doctor Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets Infinite Comic #2 presented as a single tale.

Solicit Synopsis

The team-up to end all team-ups is here, as two of the most different Marvel characters worlds’ collide! What new mafia threat is so great that the Punisher needs Doctor Strange’s help? Find out as the Sorcerer Supreme teams with the One Man War on Crime!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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