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Doctor Strange

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Synopsis for "The Coming of... Doctor Strange"

While recuperating at the Sanctum of his master the Ancient One, Doctor Strange sleeps and dreams of the events that led to him becoming a master of the mystic arts. What follows is an extended origin based on the events depicted in Strange Tales #115 following the end of his career as a surgeon due to car accident, becoming a drunken derelict and questing to restore his damaged hands. Learning of the Ancient One and attempting to become his disciple, after displaying a show of selflessness by trying to protect the Ancient One from the machinations of Karl Mordo, he is allowed to train under the Ancient One's tutelage.

Strange awakens from his dream to the summons of the Ancient One.


  • Renamed to "Doctor Strange" this title was previously called Strange Tales. It became a Doctor Strange solo-title following a new printing deal which allowed Marvel to print more titles a month, and so the two features in Strange Tales were awarded their own independent books. While the Doctor Strange series kept the numbering of Strange Tales, the title Strange Tales would be revived in 1973 with its own issue number 169.
  • Doctor Strange smokes a cigarette while re-telling his origin. He also smokes in his flashback. This may be the only present image of Stephen smoking.
  • This issue contains the same titled letters page from Strange Tales Vol I: Strange Mails. Letters are published from Harvey Scott, Erik Stone, David Lamazoff, Vic Rosello, George Olshewski, Don McRitchie, and H.B.

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