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Appearing in "... While a World Awaits!"

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Synopsis for "... While a World Awaits!"

As Doctor Strange defends the Doorway of Dimensions from Dormammu, Umar and their army seeking to gain access to Earth's dimension, Clea and Victoria Bentley safely arrive in Doctor Strange's Sanctum. There Wong answers the door to an old colleague of Doctor Strange, Doctor Charles Benton, who has come to talk Doctor Strange out of a life of a mystic (which Benton believes is nothing more than chicanery) and work for him as a medical consultant. While this is happening, at the Doorway of Dimensions, Strange is bound in mystical chains while Dormammu seeks to break a portal to Earth.

Clea and Victoria use the Orb of Agamotto to reverse a spell cast upon Umar that limits her powers. Umar, wanting revenge against her brother allows Doctor Strange to become free and go after Dormammu through the portal. There the two fight and ultimatly Dormammu is drawn back from whence he came. Arriving home Benton asks Strange to come back to work for the hospital as a consultant. Strange asks to be left alone as he is really tired, causing Benton to lose his temper and storm out, ironically admonishing Strange that he will "never be of use to anyone!"


  • This issue contains a letters page, Strange Mails. Letters are published from Elaine M. Sciog, Dennis Allen, Henry Kinsey III, Mike Hudak, Achille Di Bacco, and "The Gifted One".

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