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Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Unto Us... The Sons of Satannish!"

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Synopsis for "Unto Us... The Sons of Satannish!"

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While Doctor Strange and Clea are out for a stroll, they are targeted by the Sons of Satannish who summon their master to mystically attack the two. Doctor Strange manages to ward off the attack with his astral form with none the wiser.

Dropping Clea off at her new apartment, Doctor Strange returns to his Sanctum to study on Satannish and try to determine what the entity plots to do. Meanwhile, Sons of Satannish leader Asmodeus, disguises himself as Wong in order to manipulate her for the group's own ends.


  • This story was 21 pages, one more than the standard Marvel comics length.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Strange Mails. Letters are published from Harvey Cobel, Gabe Eisenstein, Dennis Moore, Don Tyler, and Gene Wallace.
  • Satannish first and previously appeared last issue and will appear again in Tower of Shadows #5.

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