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Quote1 Good evening Stephen! I'm ready for what you call ... our date! Quote2

Appearing in "Eternity, Eternity!"

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Synopsis for "Eternity, Eternity!"

Doctor Strange has a dream of Eternity, who tells him that he survived his battle against Dormammu, however when Strange approaches, Eternity changes into Nightmare. Awakening from the dream, Wong informs Strange that it's New Years Eve. Taking Clea out to Times Square to count down to the New Year, things get weird when the clock strikes 12.

As the New Year passes, dinosaurs, barbarians and other beings from other times start appearing in Times Square and attack the crowd, prompting Doctor Strange to dawn his sorcerers guise, publicly revealing his true nature. Fighting these threats, Nightmare suddenly appears with Eternity as his prisoner. Nightmare challenges Doctor Strange, who naturally accepts, and Nightmare forewarns him that one misstep will lead to the death.


  • The original cover art for this issue by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer was lost in the mail. A new cover was assembled from an image of Eternity from Strange Tales #146 and an image of Doctor Strange from Doctor Strange #178. The artwork was eventually recovered over 40 years later.[1]
  • This issue does not have a letters page, the pin-up taking up its usual space.

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