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Quote1.png In a thousand dimensions, Clea ... the one constant is the creature called woman! Quote2.png
Stephen Strange

Appearing in "If a World Should Die Before I Wake..."

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    • Nightmare's Minions, Demons of Despair

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Synopsis for "If a World Should Die Before I Wake..."

Accepting Nightmare's challenge, Dr. Strange returns to his Sanctum where he prepares to enter the Dream World. There he is attacked by all manner of creatures as Clea and Wong watch through the Orb of Agamotto from Earth. Dr. Strange succeeds in defeating all the monsters that Nightmare sets against him, however when Strange confronts his old foe once more, he uses the Eye of Agamotto. However, this proves to be his undoing, as this time Nightmare has prepared for such an attack: He takes control over the Eye and redirect its power on Strange, knocking him out, leaving Nightmare to boast about the pending dissolution of the barrier between their respective realms.

Solicit Synopsis


  • (August) AND STILL ON SALE— Our magical mentor is defeated in mystic battle — not by the harowing hordes of NIGHTMARE — but by the awesome power of his own cloak and amulet! A must!


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Colan, colours and redrawn background by Brunner.[1]
  • This issue contains a letters page, Strange Mails. Letters are published from Joe Jenkins, Bill Hackler, Prissie Puce, Philip Girand, Devon Bush, Scott Shaw, and Bill Labrie.


  • In this issue, Doctor Strange is referred to as "Mandrake" a reference to the circa 1934 Golden Age newspaper strip magician. Mandrake is referred to by some as the "first superhero". Marvel Comics will also publish a Mandrake series by Michael W. Barr in 1995.

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