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Quote1.png Once my name was Cain Marko! But now I am more -- Now I am -- The Juggernaut! Quote2.png

Appearing in "And Juggernaut Makes Three!"

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Synopsis for "And Juggernaut Makes Three!"

Still trapped by his own Eye of Agamotto, Dr. Strange bears witness as Nightmare is about to combine Earth with both its past, and its future, however he is interrupted by the arrival of the Juggernaut, who has come seeking a passageway back to Earth. Convinced that Doctor Strange is the one who can take him back, he fights Nightmare, in hopes of stealing his captive. Dr. Strange uses this distraction to wriggle himself free of his captivity, and summon up an illusory image of himself. When Nightmare and Juggernaut notice the freed sorcerer, they work together to subdue him once more, but send their mystic bolts at the illusion, which they pass through and free Eternity. The two villains continue their alliance, this time trying to overpower Eternity. However, Eternity banishes both Nightmare and Juggernaut to another realm and restores the natural order, before returning Dr. Strange back to Earth. There, Wong hands him a telegram, which was addressed to Stephen Strange prior to the fight in Nightmare's realm, but now reads Stephen Sanders. Strange reveals that Eternity has given him a new alias as a reward for helping to free him.

Solicit Synopsis

(September) Nightmare — Eternity — and Juggernaut makes three! Our master of black magic faces three of the most powerful entities in all the universe! A catacylsmic classic! (cataclysmic was mispelled in the original solicit, so we've kept that misspelling here)

  • (October) AND, STILL ON SALE— The master of magic faces Nightmare—Eternity—and Juggernaut!


  • This issue features a letters page, Strange Mails. Letters are printed from Tom Wolfe, Vivian Prescott, Walt Simerson, Nelson Ho and Bret Saraco.
  • Tom Wolfe is a noted author. Wolfe's letter, as well as corresponding information from the letters page, explains his associtation with Doctor Strange's writer Roy Thomas.

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