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Quote1.png Now, girl -- you are free from Strange's unclean influence -- and now you fall under mine! But have no fear! I will shape you -- mold you -- save your soul -- and give you life where I gave Dr. Strange death! Quote2.png
Silver Dagger

Appearing in "Through an Orb Darkly"

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Synopsis for "Through an Orb Darkly"

While Clea is practicing her mystical powers, Dr. Strange's Sanctum is infiltrated by Silver Dagger, who believes Strange to be a demon in need of destruction. Mesmerizing Clea and incapacitating Wong, Silver Dagger manages to sneak up behind Strange and stab him in the back with a mystical dagger before stealing the Eye of Agamotto and fleeing with Clea.

Strange survives the attack, however when he tries to use the Orb of Agamotto, however is transports him into the land of Agamotto, where the being presents itself in a form similar to the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland", after a brief battle with the creature, Agamotto sends Strange off to the center of the Orb, where he may find freedom.


  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Brunner.[1]
  • Plot by Englehart and Brunner, script by Englehart.[2]
  • In this issue, Wong prepares the "Mists of Morpheus" at Dr. Strange's request. The mists are likely to be the weird surroundings of Dr. Strange in later panels. They are also likely to be related to Morpheus, an Olympian god (thus, probably an acquaintance of Hercules) who has never appeared in the Marvel Universe except via mentions like this. The villain Morpheus who opposed Moon Knight is likely not related to the Mists of Morpheus.

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