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Dr. Strange and his visitors are awakened by the screams of Baron Mordo, who has been living in Strange's mansion since he went insane. Probing his dreams, Strange finds that Mordo is being terrorized by Nightmare, however before Strange can stop Nightmare, Mordo goes unconscious severing the link to Nightmare's realm.

Shortly after, Strange and Clea are shocked to see Eternity appear in the sky. Cloaking Eternity from the eyes of mortals to avoid a panic, Strange seeks the aid of the Aged Ghengis, but finds that he has gone completely insane due to Nightmare's machinations as well.

As Mordo awakens from another nightmare and rushes to the roof of Dr. Strange's Sanctum, Dr. Strange himself uses his Eye of Agamotto to seek answers for Eternity's appearance. Instead he is merged with the being that reveals that it has gone weary of mankind's indecision about what to do and has come to usher in the end of the world. Trying to appeal Eternity's decision the cosmic being tells Strange to go and visit the many aspects of his personality on Earth, then return to him. As Strange embarks on this request, Mordo leaves his physical body to travel in his astral form.

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