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Appearing in "Shadowplay!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Red Death
  • Aspects of Dr. Strange
    • "Richard Nixon (Illusion or holographic simulation)"
    • The Doctor
    • The Drunk
    • The Acolyte
    • The Masked Master of the Mystic Arts

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Shadowplay!"

While traveling in a world conjured up by Eternity, Dr. Strange is given an invitation to the "Dance of the Red Death" which is populated by Stephen Strange dopplegangers who are ruled under a power-mad tyrant in a Richard Nixon mask. "Nixon" has the "Stranges" attack Dr. Strange and have him locked in a dungeon with his Drunkard persona.

There, he finds his persauna's escape tunnel and tries to help dig it, but is forced to incapacitate the drunk when he attacks him. Getting free, Strange tries to confront "Nixon" when Red Death arrives and starts killing the other Stranges, knocking out "Nixon" and melting his mask away revealing another Dr. Strange doppleganger before he is chased off by Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto. After Eternity appears and brings Dr. Strange to the lair of the Ancient One.

While in the real world, Baron Mordo's astral form reaches it's destination: The lair of Mad Ghengis.

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