Doctor Strange Vol 2 20

Appearing in "Call Him: Xander the Merciless!"

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Synopsis for "Call Him: Xander the Merciless!"

While visiting a history museum, Dr. Strange and Clea are attacked by Xander and his magical attacks. During the fight Clea is separated from Dr. Strange and rendered amnesatic, found by a police officer, Clea is taken to the local prison where her lashes out at everyone with her mystical powers and breaks out of jail.

Meanwhile, Strange continues to battle Xander, who boasts about how he and his masters the Creators manipulated the Ancient One and Strange in to having Strange's powers weakened. Strange, however, is able to best Xander and chases after one of the Creators observing the battle, while elsewhere Clea's rampage brings the police to try and bring her in.


  • During the battle Xander reveals that his masters planted the idea of testing Doctor Strange in the mind of the Ancient One who went on to create the illusion of the destruction and recreation of the Earth as a part of this test as shown in issue 10-13.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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