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Synopsis for "I... The In-Betweener!"

Brought before the In-Betweener, Dr. Strange and the Ancient One petition the cosmic being to allow them passage to the Wheel of Change. When the In-Betweener agrees to do so, Strange sends the Ancient One back to Earth where he will be safe. In order to travel to the location of the Wheel, Strange first must battle Stygyro who is also a member of the Creators.

When Stygyro turns into a living star, Dr. Strange is able to destroy him, and the In-Betweener agrees to finally take Strange to the Wheel, however he will take any measure to stop Strange from tampering with it. Strange, then speeds towards the In-Betweener, attacking him with all his mystical might vowing to correct the wrong he crated, the Ahnk of Life Eternal appearing on his forehead.

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