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Synopsis for "Fate... Like a Wheel"

Watching through the Orb of Agamotto on Earth, the Ancient One, Clea and Wong witness the battle between Dr. Strange and the In-Betweener. At first the In-Betweener has the upper hand, able to keep Dr. Strange disorientated by the sheer force of the creature's cosmic might. Dr. Strange fights off the impending madness and summons the power from both of the In-Betweener's masters: Master Order and Lord Chaos and channels this energy against him.

Strange then defeats the In-Betweener and uses his mystic power to restore reality to its original order. Returning to Earth, with the Ancient One stating how proud he is of Dr. Strange he returns to becoming one with the universe, and Dr. Strange realizes that he has always been the Sorcerer Supreme.


  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Brunner.[1]

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