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While recuperating after his battle with the In-Betweener, Dr. Strange is called by Yellowjacket who tells him that the Black Knight statue had been stolen from his Sanctum and destroyed. When Strange tells the Avengers of the In-Betweener's warning of Thanos, Beast tells Dr. Strange that they have handled it.

Nighthawk arrives at Dr. Strange's Sanctum asking for help to solve a series of mysterious hauntings happening at a Richmond Enterprises research lab. They soon learn that the villain Death-Stalker, appearing on Earth from the Limbo he is trapped in is trying to steal the new prototype Proto-Converter to free himself and use as a weapon. Confronted by Dr. Strange and Nighthawk, Death-Stalker is defeated when a blast from the Proto-Converter is redirected back at him by the Eye of Agamotto.

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