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Synopsis for "A Gathering of Fear!"

Dr. Strange is summoned to the local police precinct by Lieutenant Blumkenn for his occult knowledge so that they can solve the mystery of a murdered sewer worker who's colleague swears was killed by some creature. He explains the situation to Strange who agrees to check out the location of the death. Both are unaware that occult forces are watching them. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Clea, who has come looking for Stephen after she learned that he was not home after she ran an errand.

Strange and Clea go to the sewer where the attack took place and in doing so the two are attacked by some strange creature who pulls Strange into a mystical realm. Clea jumps in after her lover and teacher and tries to use her magic powers to save him, but she is attacked by shadow thralls. She fights them off and finds that Stephen is being tortured by the creature. Neither suspect that they are being attacked by pawns sent by the Dweller-in-Darkness, who hopes to use it's powers to make the Sorcerer Supreme doubt in his abilities.

Clea manages to free Dr. Strange, however in spite of the Dweller's added magical might, the creatures are no match for the two sorcerers and are easily defeated. Upon their defeat, the creatures turn back into the supposedly deceased sewer workers. Strange and Clea use a spell of forgetfulness so that they forget the encounter and send them on their way.

As the couple leave the sewers, they have to wonder who their attacker is. While the Dweller watches over them, vowing that he will succeed in his next attack against Dr. Strange.


  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Brunner.[1]

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